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Tuesdays, 6-7pm - 6 Weeks - Starts January 23rd

Join Sara-Marie and Al for a
Power Couples Class
This class, is nothing like we've ever done before. In fact, it's the first class where you MUST register AS A COUPLE, and you must attend class TOGETHER. 

If one of you can't make it, the other CANNOT attend class either. 


Because each drill, each workout, each activity, is designed to be performed with your partner, and requires a partner.
What Is The Class All About?
We LOVE a good, sweaty workout - and we love doing it together. 

This class is a combination of all things BOLD FITNESS, from beating the crap out of the heavy bags, to lifting weights, to HIIT training and more. 

We will be using an extremely WIDE variety of equipment, and a TON of new stuff we can't do in regular classes. 

BUT, the entire focus will be on drills and exercises done with your partner. And here's the thing, when you crush goals WITH your partner, you create an unshakeable, unbreakable bond. 

It's about working together towards your goals. 

It's about bonding. 

It's about struggling through drills together. 

It's about pushing through mental walls as a team. 

It's about loving each other, through it all. 
Will The Class Be Hard?
Absolutely, because we love the RESULTS that HARD produces. 

Although this class is open to everyone, including beginners, we want you to know, the classes will be intense. Yes, you can adjust and modify to your own pace as needed, but it will be up YOU to self-adjust, as we will be pushing the group together, forward, hard, as one.

If you're looking for that once-a-week HARDCORE yet SUPER FUN workout to add to your routine, and looking to get some head-turning results FAST, this is for you. 

If you're just looking for another class to blend into, and take your fitness goals casually, this is NOT for you.  
Do I Need Anything For This Class?
As far as gear is needed, all you need is a club t-shirt.  Your own wraps and gloves are encouraged, but since we won't be using them more than a few minutes each class, you can absolutely borrow our "loaner" gloves.

To successfully participate in this class , you need the following two things: A Go-Getter, Can-Do, Give-It-All-I-Got, Positive Attitude, and a Partner. 

Emphasis on the partner! 
How Much Is This Class?
This class is only $225 + tax for a couple. That means, when you register above, you are registering for you AND your partner. DO NOT REGISTER TWICE!! 
When Does It Start?
Classes will start on Tuesday, January 23rd, runs for 6 weeks on Tuesday from 6-7pm.
Are You Ready To
Get Fit, Healthy, And Athletic Together?
Couples Who Workout Together, 
 Stay Together.
Couples Who Workout Together, 
 Stay Together.

Saying Goodbye To The Family Kickboxing Era, 
And Welcoming A New World Of BOLD FITNESS.

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